A pumpkin inspired sausage fit for a festival

Mitch Morgan (the ‘good-lookin’ one in the hat’) and Brett Stuart (second from left) came up with a sausage designed for the Giant Pumpkin Festival.

Susanna Freymark

A new sausage has been launched by Stuart Brothers Butchers in Kyogle.

Butchers Mitch Morgan and Brett Stuart created a lamb, pumpkin and pine nut sausage for the Giant Pumpkin & Watermelon Festival on January 20.

“Me and Brett put our heads together and thought – what would go with pumpkin?” Mitch said.

The pine nuts were a no-brainer.

Everyone likes pine nuts in a pumpkin salad, Mitch said.

Combining that with lamb makes it a winner.

The sausages are on sale from today, Wednesday, January 10 right through until the festival, Mitch said.

At $16.99/kg, you can buy them direct from Stuart Brothers Butchers on Summerland Way or you can try them out at the Lions Club barbecue on Saturday of the festival.

There’s plenty to do at the Giant Pumpkin & Watermelon Festival in Stratheden Street, Kyogle on Saturday, January 20 starting from 8am.

Check out the festival Facebook page for what’s on.

Find out more about the vintage train rides at the festival.

This is it – the lamb, pumpkin and pine nut sasuage.

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