A year in review: What your council has done, how much it has spent and on what

Kyogle Library had 34,000 visits in one year.

Susanna Freymark

Kyogle Council released its 2022/2023 Annual Report and it makes for interesting reading.

Kyogle Council is a small rural council by comparison with others. Its population is 9359 living in an area of 3584square kilometres. At least 30% of the LGA is National Parks and State Forests.

The numbers in the report tell a story about the council and the community it serves:

Almost 410km of roads fixed

15km of sealed roads rehabilitated

Almost 60,000 potholes patched

32 timber bridges replaced

$88million spent on capital works and flood damage repairs

31 days is the average time to process a development application

3627 tonnes of waste put into landfill

1185 tonnes of materials recycled

Almost 34,000 visits to the library

42,000 visits to the pool

And importantly for the council – 74 compliments from the community.

The council has spent close to $48,000 on legal proceedings. Recovery of overdue rates and outstanding debts cost more than $21,000. Legal expenses relating to contracts, property transfers, road realignments, animal control and investigating illegal structure cost the council more than $26,000.

There were 76 complaints this year about nuisance dogs and 48 complaints about aggressive dogs.

In the Code of Conduct complaints section the report showed:

There were 8 complaints made about councillors or the general manager.

One complaint was found to have no breach.

In five of the complaints there was a breach.

The cost of dealing with code of conduct complaints was $25,000.

The Annual Report is detailed and gives a clear picture of what the council has done this year. Read the full report here.

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