After 17 years, we have a plan for the CBD. Next up – putting it into action

Susanna Freymark

The busiest part of town will get an upgrade plus changes to the speed limit and parking times.

It’s been a long time coming. The Kyogle CBD masterplan was voted through at the Kyogle Council meeting today, Tuesday, June 13.

Councillor James Murray voted against the plan and Councillor Rob Cullen abstained from voting – which the mayor said counted as a No.

Councillors Danielle Mulholland, Tom Cooper, John Burley, Hayden Doolan, Janet Wilson and mayor Kylie Thomas voted for the masterplan to go ahead.

Councillor Maggie May was not present at the meeting as she was attending a local government conference.

The masterplan has been contentious for the 17 years the council has been discussing it.

The plan includes an upgrade of Stratheden St and Summerland Way.

Mr Cullen said the loss of car parking spaces to make way for trees was not welcomed by some residents.

“I am dead against the loss of parking in the main street,” he said.

“People come to Kyogle because it is a country, rural town. It looks like a country, rural town. It is not Bangalow.”

Trees will block the views of the Border Ranges.

“And outdoor dining is not pleasant when a pig truck comes by,” he said.

Mr Cullen was also against the proposed two-hour time limit for parking in the CBD.

“The thing about Kyogle is that people stand and talk in the street and they don’t do it in two hours,” he said.

Hairdressers had said two-hour parking was not long enough, he said.

Mr Cullen said the entrances to town at both ends needed improvement too.

Ms Thomas reminded the meeting that it was a masterplan.

“That gives us a concept and a way to move forward to more detail,” Ms Thomas said.

We have taken on the safety concerns and there is now a 40kmh speed limit, she said.

Transport for NSW owns the road but the concerns raised by the community were included in today’s report.

The changes are:

● Identify more areas for motorbike parking where parking areas are available but do not allow for a full car parking space such as next to kerb buildouts and landscaping nodes.

● Landscaping around pedestrian crossings should be low-growing plants, with a height not exceeding 1 metre.

● Have a speed limit of 40kmh in high pedestrian activity areas

● Keep the existing access from Summerland Way to the large lot on the corner of Irwin St and Summerland Way, subject to approval from Transport for NSW

● Relocation of the wheelchair-accessible parking space from the KMI Hall to near the outdoor dining area to the north so it is closer to the chemist.

● Inclusion of a seat on the southwest footpath blister which is to provide for a memorial plaque recognising the contribution to the business community by John and Gwen Shirley (plaque to be funded by the family).

● Improve signage to large vehicle parking area at the Visitors Information Centre and amphitheatre site and existing public toilets and for improvements to the presentation of the Bloore St/Geneva St public toilets

● Change all proposed 2-hour parking areas to 3-hour parking areas

● Change the parking area behind the Museum building to a 3-hour area

Ms Wilson was relieved and said, “Finally we are doing something.”

“You won’t die of heat in the main street.”

People would be stopped from backing out onto the main street, which was dangerous, she said.

Mr Murray wanted a slip road considered for the Kyogle Rd and Summerland Way intersection to make it safer.

Work on the masterplan now has the official go-ahead.

“We need to jolly well get on with it,” Ms Wilson said.

The updated Kyogle CBD masterplan can be viewed here.

UPDATE: Main street to lose 23 parking spaces, CBD to gain 11 overall
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