Arrest of Coraki boys gets national media attention

ABOVE: Coraki Police Station.

Susanna Freymark

In just under a month we have run multiple stories on about youth crime in Coraki.

In them we have aimed to detail all sides of the situation:

– the victims, some of whom are planning to leave the town they love;

– police action in response to thefts, break and enters and violence towards children and older people who feel terrorised; and

– recent arrests.

One of those arrests is now the subject of national media interest after the family of one of the arrested boys posted graphic video of the boy handcuffed on the ground with blood on his head and drifting in and out of consciousness.

On Sunday, September 11, the 14 year old boy was arrested along with a 13 year old boy.

The arrest came after months of homes being broken into and after an escalation in the violence used in the break-ins including the use of implements.

The video footage posted to social media (and apparently since taken down) of the Sunday arrest showed the 14 year old’s head covered in blood.

A photo posted on social media and sent to us. We have blocked the boy’s face.

A police statement about the arrest said police spotted a group of four people armed with housebreaking tools including a crowbar and a piece of timber.

When officers approached the group, they fled and police chased them.

Two boys were arrested a short distance away.

The 14 year old was taken to Lismore Base Hospital under police guard for treatment to a cut to his head then taken to Lismore Police Station where he and the other boy were charged.

The footage, which we have chosen not to show because of the graphic images, shows the boy bleeding and going in and out of consciousness.

He was shown handcuffed and sitting back to back with the other boy who was also wearing handcuffs.

Photos of the boy were sent to and we have tried to contact the mother or other family relative for a comment.

Police will hold an internal review of the circumstances of the arrests.

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