Boat stolen: Fishing family desperate to find it

ABOVE: The Hayman family love fishing from their boat that has been stolen.

The Hayman family have put out an urgent call to anyone who may have seen their boat that was stolen from their friend’s yard in the past 24 hours.

Kelly Hayman said the boat was the family’s prize possession.

The Aquamaster 3.7 V nose punt including the motor, trailer and trailer board, fishing rods, camping gear, first aid gear, tackle boxes and marquees was stolen from a property at 490 Woodburn Evans Head Rd.

Sean and Kelly Hayman have only had the boat for a year.

“We saved for two years to get it and Sean’s parents bought him the motor last Christmas,” Kelly said.

The Haymans and their five children love fishing. The boat was custom made to suit them.

Kelly has made a plea to the person who stole the boat and trailer

“I hope you have a heart and actually feel guilty for what you have done. You have depleted a family that is already suffering and struggling to put their home together.

“You took the only thing that gives our family hope and happiness. We have a huge love for fishing and you just took it away from us.”

Kelly said there had been local sightings of the boat and the theft had been reported to the police.

The boat was last seen this morning, Sunday, December 11 at 10am near the Evans Head Golf Club.

If anyone has information that could help phone Sean on 0437841199 or Kelly on 0488220871.

Or call Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.

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