BROADWATER: Eating pancakes on high ground waiting for floodwaters to recede

ABOVE: Residents from Broadwater Rd and Bagotville Rd are on a hill surrounded by floodwaters. Photos: Karlton Wilder

Susanna Freymark

Being stuck on high ground while your village is submerged in floodwaters can be boring, Broadwater resident Karlton Wilder said.

He is on a hill in the village at a friend’s property with other residents and there isn’t a lot to do as they wait for the floodwaters to recede.

Karlton Wilder.

“Having banana pancakes for breakfast has put a smile on our faces,” Karlton said.

Karlton moved to Broadwater from Sydney two weeks ago.

“I was supposed to start work this week in Suffolk Park,” he said.

With other residents he is stuck on high ground with people from Broadwater Rd and Bagotville Rd who had to evacuate from the floods.

The church turned cafe at Broadwater. Photo: Kylie Bateman

“The water is still up. We were hoping we might be able to get to Alstonville today but no chance. Possibly tomorrow. “ he said.

“We have a mate that will try to get to us by boat today on his way to Alstonville to grab so provisions and a generator from another mate there.”

There isn’t much to do at their “hilltop party” except take photos of the never-ending expanse of brown, murky floodwaters surrounding them and the boats passing by.

Boats in Broadwater floodwaters.

“We’re above the water line,” Karlton said.

All they can do is wait.

The Richmond River at nearby Woodburn is currently near 5.55 metres and falling slowly, with major flooding.

Residents wait for floodwater levels to go down.

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