School’s buddy seat washed away in floodwaters turns up at Pimlico

ABOVE: The Buddy seat that was washed up at Pimlico. Photo: Contributed

Susanna Freymark

A timber buddy seat with the signatures of students written on it was found washed up at Pimlico.

The cute, sturdy seat had an inscription plate. It read: BUDDY SEAT Donated by Year 6 – 2017.

These seats are designed so that if a student is alone and wants someone to play with them, they sit on the buddy seat and then another child will approach them and ask to play with them.

When St Joseph’s School in Woodburn went under in the March 1 floods, this special seat was washed away.

It was found at Pimlico and a post was put up on Facebook looking for the owners.

Teacher Jocelyn Reese-Frater saw the post and commented:

“This was the Year 6 class I taught in 2017. What a great bunch of kids – they are in Year 11 now. It’s a tradition for the outgoing Year 6 students to give a gift to the school (St Joseph’s Woodburn).This was their gift. How lucky it has been found!”

The buddy seat is on its way back to St Joseph’s School in Woodburn.

What a journey for a special chair.

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