Bull and cow prices hold firm at cattle sales

Agents yarded 1,028 head at the Northern Rivers Livestock Exchange regular prime sale on Wednesday, October 12.

Young cattle and cows made up most of the yarding with the young cattle consisting mainly of weaners in a mixed quality offering. There were some well finished weaner steers and heifers as well.

Cow prices held firm this week averaging 338c/kg and reaching a top of 404c/kg.

Lighter heifer prices were stronger with stock up to 250kg averaging 595c/kg and topping at 770c/kg.

Heavier heifers over 250kg saw a drop averaging 419c/kg and reaching a top of 666c/kg.

Bull prices saw little change again this week with 47 head sold averaging 348c/kg and 624kg.

Lighter steer prices were easier with those up to 250kg averaging 621c/kg and reaching a top of 804c/kg.

Heavier steers over 250kg saw an increase averaging 496c/kg and topping at 650c/kg. A small number of bullocks sold on the day averaged 373c/kg and reached a top of 418c/kg.

Lighter vealer prices remained steady week with those up to 250kg averaging 662c/kg and reaching a top of 812c/kg.

Heavier vealers over 250kg were slightly stronger averaging 563c/kg with a top price of 706c/kg.

T&W McCormack and Ramsey & Bulmer held a store sale at the NRLX on Friday, October 14 with 1,480 head going under the hammer.

Steers topped at 880c/kg and averaged 645c/kg and 255kg and heifers reached a top of 772c/kg and averaged 617c/kg and 234kg.

Cows reached a top price of $2,580 and cows & calves topped at $3,875.

Ray White Rural will hold a store sale on Friday, October 21 with further bookings welcome.

NRLX business administration coordinator Tegan George

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