Callum Robson surfs his way to a perfect score, claps so hard his hands hurt

ABOVE: Callum Robson rides the wave in Portugal. Photos: Callum Robson Facebook page

Pro surfer Callum Robson from Evans Head hit a perfect score on a smashing wave in Portugal yesterday, Sunday, March 12.

He was thrilled with a score of 10 at the World Surf League championship.

“Got my first ever 10-point ride when I needed it. That feeling was incredible,” Robson wrote on his Facebook page.

Robson was down points and facing a possible elimination from the Rip Curl Pro Portugal comp.

Then, he knocked his score out of the water.

In an interview after his big ride Robson said,

“I paddled for the first wave and it kind of put me further in.

“I paddled as hard as I could

“I made the drop. Oh my god, I was fully in there and it sucked me back.

“I was saying – ‘please let me go, please let me go’.”

The wave did and Robson surfed to a 10.

“I was so happy, I was clapping so hard my hands were sore,” Robson said.

There will be a whole lot of people in Evans Head clapping with him.

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