COME ON QLD: Border communities find changes confusing

The constant changes over crossing the border into Queensland was confusing, Kyogle mayor Danielle Mulholland said.
“As each state sets and lifts their own restrictions, this makes it challenging for many border communities like ours,” Ms Mulholland said.

People don’t know if they can see family or go for a holiday.

The Queensland Government is monitoring their covid cases and have their own restrictions when it comes to crossing the border, she said.
But these rules keep changing. Even after December 17 when Queensland apparently opens up, there are still certain restrictions in place if you wish to enter Queensland, Ms Mulholland said.

This may change again tomorrow or next week.

“Those who work across the border or have family there that they haven’t been able to visit due to covid, are chomping at the bit to be able to do so.”
The mayor said some consistency and clarity around what is required would be fantastic but with NSW opening up on December 1, she said she was guessing the Queensland Government was waiting to see whether there are spikes in covid cases.
Ms Mulholland was working with the group Local Government NSW to discuss with Premier Dominic Perrottet what border restrictions will mean for regions like Kyogle that are close to the border and how to best keep residents safe.
Kyogle LGA has a 90% vaccination rate for a first dose and 70-80% of people are fully vaccinated.

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