Covid vax rule change will help revive SES unit

ABOVE: Urbenville SES Unit Commander Thelma Cook and Chief Inspector Hayden Doolan. Photo: Susanna Freymark

STORY BY Susanna Freymark

For more than a year, Tabulam has not had an SES unit.

Member numbers dwindled during the covid pandemic because the SES policy at the time was that all members had to be vaccinated.

Because some members would not get vaccinated, numbers fell below the 10 needed to keep the unit open and that led to the Tabulam unit closing down.

SES Chief Inspector Hayden Doolan said a policy change in the past few days would help revive the Tabulam unit.

“The SES have gone to highly recommended for the covid vaccine but not mandatory. And you don’t have to show a vaccination certificate,” Mr Doolan said.

“It is important to have an SES in Tabulam because it is so far from other SES units.”

The closest SES units are in Casino and Tenterfield.

To re-create the Tabulam SES Unit, there must be at least 10 members.

There are many ways to be part of the SES apart from being involved in rescue operations, Mr Doolan said.

Volunteers could work in engaging with the community, admin, operating Beacon – the SES callout system – or maintaining equipment including trucks.

Anyone joining the SES gets full training, Mr Doolan said.

Join up here.

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