Did you object or support the DA? Iron Gates report is in

ABOVE: The red marker indicates the subdivision.

Susanna Freymark

An independent report on the Iron Gates subdivision has been completed by town planner and consultant Malcolm Scott.

The report was done for the Richmond Valley Council and will go to the Northern Regional Planning Panel later this month or early in August. There, a decision will be made on whether to approve or reject the development application for a 16 hectare coastal subdivision of 175 residential homes in Evans Head.

The total number of objections to the DA and Concept DA included 656 public submissions,  947 petition signatories and 23 postcards.

The total number of public submissions in support was 249.

The Iron Gates subdivision proposes 175 residential allotments which indicates a future resident population of about 413 people (175 dwellings x 2.36 people per dwelling).

The report by Mr Scott concluded with:

“It is my recommendation that pursuant to Section 4.16 of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979, Development Application No. 2015/96 be refused for the reasons listed below.”

The reasons are listed in detail on 11 pages and include biodiversity, bushfires, Aboriginal cultural heritage, NSW Government Coastal Policy 1997, State environmental planning policies, Richmond Valley Local Environmental Plan 1992, Richmond Valley Development Control Plan 2012, public interest and social impact.

Read the full report

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