EPA agrees to remove flood waste from cane fields at no cost to farmers

The State Government has announced extended recovery support to cane farmers to help remove dangerous flood waste found in cane paddocks at the beginning of the cane harvest.

The NSW Environment Protection Authority has agreed to work with local cane farmers to remove the waste at no cost to the farmers.

Richmond River Cane Growers president Geoff Pye said farmers have had to wait until the harvest to see what rubbish from the floods is still on their land.

“When the cane is five foot high, you can’t find the debris,” Mr Pye said.

Mr Pye said there were 44-gallon drums and other rubbish in his cane crop.

The EPA will be developing a safe way to store and collect the debris in consultation with the local cane growers.

Cane farmers bear the cost of clearing other people’s rubbish from their fields
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