Expected the unexpected at Un-Real interactive art exhibition

Ralph Smith is creating an artwork with a bike as it evolves into something unexpected.

Susanna Freymark

The art will be unexpected, it will be unpredictable – the Un-Real exhibition officially opens at Cassino Art Gallery on July 13 at 2pm.

Gallery committee president Laszlo Biro said the art group didn’t want to exhibit traditional art this time.

“This makes us think outside the box,” he said.

Laszlo’s own work is provocative and interactive. Without giving away his intentions in involving the audience, his piece – almost a performance art piece – will be “put to use” at the opening.

Committee member Ralph Smith is working on “something”.

It’s evolving as I create it, he said.

His ‘out of the box’ artwork involves an old bike and lots of brightly coloured wool.

The installations, sculptures, performance and prose readings will be revealed on July 13.

Thinking in the box, rather than outside of it. Laszlo Biro sits in his art installation.

Part of the exhibition’s interaction with its audience is a People’s Choice award with a twist.

People choose the artwork they like the best and they choose the piece they like the least, Laszlo said.

The fugly piece will win an award.

The artwork House of Cards involves a creation in real time where people can write the name of someone they dislike on a playing card to be part of the building of the House of Cards.

One sculpture offers people the opportunity to take a “piece of fear” home with them.

Another involves following the footsteps painted on the floor of the gallery at the river end of Barker Street

Entry fee on July 13 at 2pm is $10 and includes wine and nibbles and – the unexpected.

There will be words dribbling on to the carpet. Photos: Susanna Freymark

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