Festival of the Waters features music stars, jetpack water show and fireworks

Tex Perkins and Matt Walker will be performing at Woodburn on January 21. Photos: Contributed

Susanna Freymark

Richmond Valley Council is hosting the Festival of the Waters on January 20-21 at two locations – Coraki and Woodburn.

Some big names in music will be part of two days of live music and entertainment at Woodburn and Coraki next month.

On Saturday, January 20 at Coraki there will Bunny Racket, The Buckleys, Children of Bob, The Billy Gudgeon Band, and Jesa – DJ Donald Pump at Coraki’s Windsor Park. Splashfest will start at 11am and run until 4pm. Then the live music will begin.

The headline acts at Woodburn Riverside Park on Sunday, January 21 include Brooke McClymont and Adam Eckersley, and Tex Perkins and Matt Walker.

Woodburn’s main street will be turned into a stage at 12.30pm on Sunday, January 21.

There will be plenty of off-stage family-friendly entertainment, with a jet pack water show, roving pirate performances and a circus workshop, sand sculpting, drumming performances and workshops, as well as market stalls, food vans, and a show n shine.

The day will finish with a fireworks display.

The two events are funded through the State Government’s Reconnecting Regional NSW – Community Events Program.

Adam Eckersley and Brooke McClymont.
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