Finally, ambos get a new station next to the hospital

ABOVE: Paramedics Laura Belfanti and Mikaela Moulle, health relationships manager Katie Fisher, acting Inspector Karl Wilson and Chief Superintendent Damian Hughes in front of the new ambulance station next to Casino Hospital.

Susanna Freymark

There’s a new ambulance station next to Casino Memorial Hospital.

The 90 year old ambulance station in Centre St is small and crowded with limited ambulance bays so current and former paramedics welcome the new station.

Richmond Valley mayor Robert Mustow said the station had passed its use-by-date.

“Ambos used to raffle an FJ Holden every year to raise money to support the station,” Mr Mustow said.

Lionel Frame was a paramedic in Casino for 30 years and he was at the official opening of the station today, Monday, February 27.

With former paramedics Glen Stalker and John Coltzau, Lionel checked out the inside of the station.

Former paramedics Glen Stalker, John Coltzau and Lionel Frame visit the new ambulance station.

The relaxation area and kitchen are roomy with comfy lounges and a flatscreen television.

The station cost $5million to build and is part of a $232million State Government program.

The building is complete but the station won’t be operational for two weeks.

North Coast Chief Superintendent Damian Hughes said equipment from the current station had to be moved to the new station.

Ambo Mikaela Moulle said she was excited about the new station.

“We’ve outgrown our station. This is a lot more convenient being so close to the hospital,” Ms Moulle said.

The 24-hour station has six ambulance bays and plenty of storage for medical supplies.

We want to see the new ambulance station – visitors at the new station. Photos: Susanna Freymark
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