Four reasons to enter the Beef Week Queen comp

ABOVE: Beef Week Queen Brook Hannaford with Mr Beef 2021. Photo: Susanna Freymark

If you are a local, young (under 26) woman with a passion for your community, here are four reasons you should enter the Beef Week Queen competition.

1 You win $1000 and a travel voucher.

2 You actually get to wear a crown. A proper, heavy, silver crown. All week.

(You don’t keep it though. It is passed onto the next queen, next year)

3 You are in the street parade on a special queen float with the other entrants. Kids wave to you and well, everyone loves you. Enjoy being adored as queen.

4 You get to judge and announce Mr Beef (the winner does not get a crown but a plastic helmet with horns on it like a Viking hat). You’ll be wearing your real crown, of course.

This could be your crowning glory. The Beef Week Queen crown. Photo: Susanna Freymark

If that isn’t enough reason to enter here’s a bit more to entice you.

At the first Beef Week celebration forty years ago, there wasn’t a Beef Week Queen.

That came the following year and in 1983, Wendy O’Neill was crowned as the first queen.

Wendy O’Neill was the first Beef Week Queen in 1983. Photo: Contributed

Every year a new queen is crowned.

Last year Brook Hannaford was crowned queen.

Brook Hannaford, second from the right, was the 2021 Queen. Pictured here with the other queen entrants at the Casino RSM Club. Photo: Susanna Freymark

Each contestant is judged on general knowledge, rural knowledge, personality, ambitions and goals, public speaking and community service.

You get lots of support in learning about public speaking, dealing with the press, presentation and a whole lot more.

You learn a lot and meet a lot of people.

The queen is accompanied by the other entrants during the week, so you are not alone and there is ample opportunity for fun.

Become a part of history at the Casino Beef Week celebrations.

Enter the comp here.

From the archives. Wendy O’Neill is crowned Beef Week Queen in 1983.

The Beef Week Queen competition is sponsored by Summerland Credit Union.

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