From Casino to Wisconsin: Paradise Lost is found

ABOVE: A US librarian holds up a book from the library in Casino. Photo: Contributed

A library book from Casino turned up in the returned books slot at a library in the United States.

Staff in Casino received a surprising email from a Fond du Lac Public Library staff member after they found Paradise Lost in their book drop and tracked down the library it came from to return it.

Inside the book, there were library date stamps from Broadwater, Evans Head, Kyogle and Coraki.

Casino librarian Amy Boyd said they’ve never had a book travel quite so far.

“We’ve always wondered what happens to our books from the Casino train station pop-up library (preloved books that are ready for a new home), and now we know… well at least we know what happened to Paradise Lost,” Amy said.

Casino librarian Amy Boyd holds up a similar copy of Paradise Lost.

Paradise Lost was written by American mystery author JA Jance.

Because the book is no longer on loan and came fmo the pop-up train station library, Casino library does not need it returned.

What next for the well-travelled Paradise Lost?

It’s likely to be marked for sale at Chapter 52 Bookstore, where the Fond du Lac Public Library sells used books, movies, magazines and music at bargain prices.

Inside the copy of the Casino book found in America

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