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Tom Searles Liberal Democrats

I was born on a bush block in Jacki Bulbin and enjoyed a childhood filled with fishing and campfires, without fences or phones. I spent most of my working life around Grafton and Lismore.

I remember the homemade Women’s Weekly birthday cakes at every kid’s party.

I’ve been a fencing contractor, done prison transport, been on the Humpback whale research crew, a Supreme Court expert witness and manager of Cadastral Integrity (Registered Surveyor).

I spent several years tracking down the remnants of a lost civilisation for an academic research project. I found an entire undiscovered civilisation deep in the jungle of Northern Sulawesi Indonesia, these years were filled with highs and lows.

My life philosophy is ‑ Let others see my values in my actions.

My life song is the song that keeps you going‑ Onward to Beartaria by Anchor Bear

I went into politics because the last few years have shown how incompetent, malevolent and tyrannical our governments can be with the slightest opportunity. Our electorate was locked down without a single case of covid and no one stood up for our elderly, our children or our small businesses. I witnessed the disgusting nature of censorship and corruption and felt I had to take a stand against it.

In politics I admire Benjamin Franklin.

The three things I value most in life are: Truth. Family. Community.

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