Getting to know Michele Yates

Richmond Valley candidate Michele Yates, Evans Head, Labor
Tell us about where you live and your family.
I live in Evans Head and have been here 48 out of 56 years.
My Dad Harold Yates retired off a dairy farm at Shannonbrook to fish ‑ and fish he did. After being heavily involved Papua New Guinea in the second World War as a young man we all figured he deserved to retire and rest.
I went  to Evans Public School and Woodburn Central. I’m a single mum of three and grandma of four.
Living in the Richmond Valley I am very mindful of the future and the next generation and leaving it in good nick for them.
Michele has not been a councillor before.
What do you bring to the role of councillor this election?
Honesty, integrity, questioning what’s best for our most vulnerable members of society.
I believe we can be the best society we can by bringing everyone along with us. No one need not feel that they don’t belong or can’t afford to live in the best place on the planet.
What brings you joy in life?
My joy comes from feeling like I can bring community together and encourage a sense of pride and belonging. I also feel my family and the next generations need to focus on achieving climate change zero emissions in our everyday life and affordable housing for all eliminating the growing housing insecurity that currently plagued so many.


What difficulties does your community face?
The economic gap between the well off and those with nothing grows daily. With affordable housing which can be controlled through rate increases (or minimum incremental increases) families struggling to live can get ahead.
Pensioners can retire after working their whole lives but families with two working parents can’t get into the property market.
Housing and rental affordability is the single biggest issue facing all of Australia and it can change at a grass roots local government level with policies that encourage home ownership and still have low environmental impact.
What is your job? What do you like/dislike about it?
I manage the Commonwealth Home Support Program (Community Aged Care) for the Mid Richmond Neighbourhood Centre.
I love the Centre’s ability to assist all walks of life and treat everyone equally and my small role in making that happen gives me great job satisfaction. I am lucky enough to work with many fantastic people that are like minded and my job really is all about putting people first.
I dislike decisions made by Federal and State and Local government that can affect those already disenfranchised.
These decisions impact negatively on everyday Aussie battlers. Thirst for power and profit over making sure good people don’t go hungry to pay their rates or rents means my workplace have seen the working poor who can’t get ahead no matter how much they work, or have worked, have to ask for assistance to make ends meet.
Every one of us have basic human rights which is at times forgotten
Dare to dream – what is your vision for your region?
Sustainable growth. Economically and with low environmental impact.
Environmental decisions that ensure the future for all of our children and the generations to come.
We have the ability to lead the way with adjusting what we see as sustainable

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