Getting to know Robert Mustow

Richmond Valley Council, Robert Mustow, Casino, Independent

Tell us about where you live and your family.
I was born in Casino, schooled at Casino public and high schools.
I am a panel beater by trade and owned and operated a smash repair business for 15 years.
I have two children, Caine and Cristie and my grandchildren are the sixth generation of our family to live in Casino. I have lived in the Richmond Valley all my life and in 1976 I purchased a small acreage farm owner building our family home in 1980.


If you’ve been a councillor – what are you most proud of in your previous term? 
As mayor I believe every Council achievement is very important to our community whether it be the completion of 14 million dollar Northern Rivers Livestock Exchange upgrade which has been a great asset to the cattle industry which our local economy relies on, to providing a seat in the CBD for our elderly and everything in between.
What do you bring to the role of councillor this election?
I’m approachable, experienced, have sound local government knowledge and proven leadership qualities.


What brings you joy in life?
Helping my family, having wonderful friends and being fortunate enough to have good health which allows me to work with my hands and on the farm.
I also get satisfaction out of seeing the positive outcomes council, is achieving for our community.
What difficulties does your community face?
No doubt transitioning out of covid will continue to take time and patience, there will be challenges however I believe we could also see opportunities.
Like most of Australia, the Richmond Valley is experiencing a house and land shortage and the council is carrying out investigations into an Urban Growth Management Strategy to help address this issue.
What is your job? What do you like/dislike about it?
I’m retired, however being mayor is a full time role. I enjoy interacting with our community. Since my election as mayor in 2016 until the start of covid lockdown I attended over 1,200 functions, meetings and event commitments.
Dare to dream – what is your vision for your region?
There are many, a few are:
That we keep our community spirit and mateship that was evident when we all came together and supported each other during the disastrous bushfires.
Our lifestyle and environment are very important to me and as our region grows we must make sure this is preserved for future generations.
With councils focus on economic development and attracting business I am hopeful children leaving school will be able to find employment in our local government area without needing to leave the area.

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