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Tell us about where you live and your family.
I’ve lived in Casino my whole life. My family have been in Casino for a few generations. I went to school here – at Casino West and then Casino High. When I left school, I studied at SCU initially, and then transferred to UNE to study law externally while I worked full time.
My family have been beef cattle farmers for a couple of generations.
We run our beef cattle on the family property at Tomki with my in-laws.
My husband Ben and I have had our joinery business for more than twenty years here locally.
We have three kids, two in high school and one still in primary. I’m lucky to have a supportive family who back me up so that I can do the work in the community that I love. In our spare time we like to head to Evans – at the river or beach, and especially at Muzzas!
Trudy has not been a councillor before.
What do you bring to the role of councillor this election?
I decided to run for election because of my love for our area. I really want to see it continue to thrive. I think I can bring a different perspective as a councillor – as a mum, as a farmer and small business owner, and with my community connections. I love being out in the community talking to people and asking what the needs are, and thinking of ways we can make that happen.
That’s why I’m so happy to be running with Neale and Portia – they both share that passion for our local community.
I’m an independent candidate. I believe it’s important that decision-making at the local government level needs to be what’s in the best interest of the Richmond Valley, and not what’s best for the political parties.
I feel my background in law and compliance would be helpful as a councillor.
I’m familiar with understanding legislation and I know what it takes to maintain good governance. I’m passionate about transparency, fairness and providing for the whole community rather than just a certain demographic or a certain area.
What brings you joy in life?
I love doing community work. Its my passion. I’ve always done some kind of volunteering – when my kids were little it was on management committees of preschools, or P & F, or whatever sporting club they were playing with in Casino at the time.
I now sit on the Board of Directors for the Casino RSM Club. I still assist groups with writing government grant applications so they can fund their own upgrades and improvements for the kids, and make better facilities for the community. I’m proud that we’ve had a few wins there.
I started volunteering with the Casino soup kitchen about 12 months ago. The need for their services in the town just blew me away.
We provide free home cooked meals to anyone in need every week.
There’s no judgement there – the need can be financial, but it can also just be from social isolation.


What is your job? What do you like/dislike about it?
I’ve been a lawyer for a bit over 16 years. I became a lawyer to help people. My favourite part of the job is being an advocate for someone in a disadvantaged position, and getting them fairness and justice that they might not have been able to get without my help.
Dare to dream – what is your vision for your region?
I love the Richmond Valley because I think it’s the best place in the world to live. I love the country and small town lifestyle, I love the community we have here.
The proximity to the beach and the affordability of living here is great. I’d like to see Richmond Valley continue to improve and be the best that it can be. I’d also like to see everyone provided for, and no groups missing out on facilities or services.




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