Grubby tactics cross the line and get personal for council candidate

ABOVE: Patrick Deegan holding the sign on the left, with fellow candidates Michele Yates and Jacob Dhnaram in Casino. Photo: Contributed

Susanna Freymark

Having run in the last Federal election, Richmond Valley Council candidate Patrick Deegan knows the score when it comes to putting yourself in the political spotlight.
“I put myself forward as a candidate and expected that some people would have a go at me, but the recent attacks are just grubby,” Mr Deegan said.
He is talking about the latest Facebook posts which come from what he believes is a fake account.
“I’ve been surprised by some of the tactics used during the campaign,” he said.
“It’s one thing for people to have a go at me during the campaign, but once people start attacking my wife and my employer, they have crossed the line.
“The post published my home address and has caused distress to my family and my employer.”
The post was attacking me because a small number of our posters were printed outside of the council area, he said.
“This was an error, once the mistake was realised, it was rectified and the absolute majority of our posters and other election material were printed by a Richmond Valley based printer.”
It seems a rapid escalation over one mistake but Mr Deegan is being targeted.
“Making criticism of  a candidate is one thing, bringing family member into it is crossing the line,” Mr Deegan said.
On top of that, some of his campaign posters were stolen from Johnson St and Canterbury St in Casino.
“Election campaigns are an important part of democracy,” he said.
“It’s fine to have different opinions and disagree.”
With his team of Labor candidates in Group E, he will continue to campaign at prepoll stations ahead of council election day on December 4.

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