Hail the size of golf balls hits the west

Monika Vonlanthen took this photo of hail at Mummulgum.

Susanna Freymark

CAUTION: The roads between Lismore and Woodburn are covered with thick ice and are slippery according to the SES

The Bureau of Meteorology predicted hailstorms at 5pm today, Saturday, May 18 — and down they came.

A storm blew into the region bringing hail, rain and wind.

BOM said the storms were slowly moving northeast.

BOM predicted the hardest hit areas would include Casino, Kyogle, Tabulam, Baryulgil, Rappville and Whiporie.

3cm hail was observed near Tabulam at 4:40 pm.

Jeanette Flanagan drove through the hailstorm she described as massive at the bottom of Mallanganee Range.

”It was deep like snow,” she said.

Sueellen Thompson at Field & Flower on Woodburn-Coraki Road said they had “heaps of hail.”

Margaret Spargo said thunder, lightning and rain hit Bentley but no hail.

If you haven’t already moved your car under shelter, try and do so.

In an emergency phone the SES on 132 500.

Readers captured the size of the hailstones at Mallanganee, Mummulgum and Tabulam.

Bec Jans took this photo of the hail at Mallanganee.
Jennifer Miller said the hail was large at Tabulam and sounded like rocks on the roof.
Kelly Price hit this driving back from Tenterfield.

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