Have a squiz at the quiz

Quizmaster John James Maloney has ten new questions for you.


1 A blunderbuss is an old fashioned: … firearm; passenger vehicle; boat; or bike?

2 What style of music is James Blundell known for?

3 Wyangala Dam is in which State?

4 With a feast day of March 1, who is the patron saint of Wales?

5 What vegetable is an emblem of Wales?

6 Who was the waiter from Barcelona on the British comedy series Fawlty Towers?

7 Lacrosse is the national summer sport of which country?

8 What is the meaning of the Aussie slang have a squiz?

9 Which Australian band and its singer won People’s Choice at the 2018 National Live Music Awards for Best Live Act of the Year and Best Live Voice of the Year?

10 Which Richmond Valley town has an Ecles Street?

My blunderbuss is bigger than your blunderbuss.


1 A firearm with a large caliber barrel flared at the muzzle that is commonly considered to be a predecessor of the shotgun.

2 Country music.

3 NSW.

4 Saint David.

5 Leek.

6 Manuel.

7 Canada.

8 Take a look at something.

9 The Cat Empire and Harry James Angus. 

10 Casino.

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