Hey honey, I won $1000: Mr Beef’s wife watches from the front row

ABOVE: Jason Lawlor is 2022 Mr Beef and he holds the $1000 cheque next to Beef Week Queen Tayla Dawson at the Casino RSM Club. Photos: Susanna Freymark

Susanna Freymark

As soon as Jason Lawlor stepped on the stage, the audience knew they were watching a winner.

Jason had the smooth moves. And he was committed. He gyrated his hips and removed his Velcro trousers with one quick move.

He directed some of the moves at his wife sitting in the front row at the Casino RSM Club.

She laughed. The crowd cheered.

Jason, before he took all his clothes off.

It was a raunchy Mr Beef competition and with $1000 at stake, the men went all out to impress.

Hosted by Hollie Sheaffe and Our Cow’s Bianca Tarrant, most of the men wore the supplied Our Cow undies with Eat Better Meat emblazoned in bright green across the backside.

Commentators Hollie Sheaffe and Bianca Tarrant

Some acts had two men. One act had three young men squirting baby oil at each other. The event was billed as Casino’s biggest cultural event.

The final contestant for the night, Amal, dressed as a police officer and swooped up a  woman from the audience and handcuffed her as part of his act.

Contestant Amal with Queen Tayla Dawson and friend on stage.

The audience of 400 urged him on.

In the end the Queen and entrants chose Jason.

He didn’t expect to win, he said.

What will he do with the $1000 prize?

“Things have been tough, this will go a long way,” a breathless Jason said backstage.

A new bar has been set – some say higher, others may say lower ­– in this raunchy competition of near naked men.

The Mr Beef comp has hit peak raunchy before being R Rated.

One of the contestants in his jocks.

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