How to fill out your Senate ballot paper

ABOVE: This is a senate voting paper from a previous election but your ‘tablecloth’ will look similar.

For your vote to count you must either

Number from one to six above the line or

Number from one to 12 below the line.

Whether you vote above the line or below the line you can continue numbering as many as you like.

However, you can only vote above the line OR below the line.

You cannot vote above AND below the line.

Made a mess, want to change your vote? Take your ballot paper back to the desk where it was issued and swap it for a clean one.

Got a question on how to handle allocating your vote (but not on who to vote for)? Ask a polling booth official. Their job is to assist you to cast your vote in the way that you wish to vote and make sure your vote is formal – so your vote counts.

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