If you get the answers to this quiz it could send you backwards

Ten questions just for you, courtesy of the Quizmaster John James Maloney.


1 Mandarin Chinese has the most native speakers, but which language comes second – English or Spanish?

2 Der Tagesspiegel (meaning The Daily Mirror) is a newspaper in what nation?

3 What is a sport you can win going backwards?

4 What is the capital of South Korea?

5 What Hawaiian island recently had catastrophic wildfires?

6 In what part of Australia did Matildas captain Sam Kerr grow up?

7 Orange pekoe is a variety of what?

8 Who is Jason Derulo?

9 Who had the 1978 hit record The Gambler?

10 Old Bonalbo is in what local government area?

Put the kettle on, luv.


1 Spanish.

2 Germany.

3 Swimming backstroke; Rowing; Diving. And, particularly if you’re female, you can win going backwards in some dance and skating events.

4 Seoul.

5 Maui.

6 East Fremantle, WA – part of Perth.

7 Tea. And there is also a band – a Japanese jazz fusion duo – of the same name.

8 American singer-songwriter.

9 Kenny Rogers.

10 Kyogle Shire.

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