I’m Floss. Come meet me and my crocodile

ABOVE: Come meet me at Evans Head Surf Club in Australia Day.

Hey there, I’m Floss.

I’m very excited and my tail is wagging for my first Australia Day celebration. I’ll be at Evans Head Surf Club meeting people and hoping someone falls in love with me, and takes me home.

I was born between Grafton and Casino but I didn’t want to be a race dog. I’m just a loveable, playful, girl greyhound who wants a home.

What’s your home like?
I’m very clean. I go to the toilet outside, and I sleep in my bed all night so I won’t disturb you.

I’m four years old, so a young-un really. My birthday is on Valentine’s Day.

I am loveable. Like really loveable.

I like to play with balls and stuffed toys, my favourite is the squeaky crocodile.

Another of my favs is the paddling pool. It’s cool, and I can lie down and have a drink at the same time.

I’m good with kiddies but I prefer them a bit older — like over five. Don’t ask why, it’s just me.

I’m not a fan of cats either.

Other than that, I’m pretty chilled.

I’ll eat anything, not like those fussy cats. I really like shark cartilage and dehydrated chicken.

Speaking of chickens, you know the ones that run around making a noise. Unfortunately, I chase them.

I spend most of my day lazing around – outside, inside or at your feet while you watch telly.

Mostly though, I’d like to spend time with you, just hangin’.

Come and meet me and say g’day. At Evans Head from 9am-1pm.

If you like me, and I’m sure to like you, it could be the day I find my forever home.

I can’t wait to meet you. Use that computer of yours and go here and adopt me.

You won’t regret it.

Now, where’s that croc?

UPDATE: It looks like Floss has been adopted. She has gone to a home on trial and it is likely she will stay.

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