It’s all about Keith even when Kaylee spreads glitter on students

ABOVE: Singer Kaylee Bell with Urbenville School students. Photo: Contributed

Susanna Freymark

Singer Kaylee Bell and Urbenville Public School students have something in common.

Something called Keith Urban.

The Urbenville students hit the headlines earlier this year when they performed some of Keith’s songs. He heard about it and chatted to them through a video link. If that wasn’t thrilling enough, Keith bought guitars for every student at the school.

To top off their Keith-dom, they will be going to see the superstar in concert in Brisbane as his special guests.

Kaylee was the star at the school today though. As she came though the school gates the children were singing her hit Small Town Friday Nights. She sprinkled the students with glitter and then sat down to sing with them.

Kaylee starred on The Voice Australia six months ago and sang an original song titled Keith.

The first judge to turn the chair during her audition was – you guessed it, Keith Urban.

Kaylee made a six-hour round trip to visit the small school that is known for its love of music and way with words.

Watching all this excitement today was Keith – a cardboard cut out of the star that lives at the school.

Kaylee said she had a great time at the school.

“They’ve been singing my songs and I’ve had a wedding proposal,” Kaylee said.

A voice chirped from the back – “I love you Kaylee!”

Kaylee and the students gave a cheer to Keith Urban – all of them dedicated fans.

Watch the video of the delighted students singing as Kaylee Bell enters the school.

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