Izzy stopped a runaway bus and caught a Local Hero award on Aus Day

Local Hero of the Year Izzy Miller laughs at the toy bus in her gift bag.

Susanna Freymark

Izzy Miller will forever be known as the girl who stopped a runaway bus.

On November 22, last year, Izzy, 14, was on a school bus when it started rolling.

No one was in the driver’s seat so Izzy grabbed the steering wheel and turned the bus into a driveway next to the mini mart in North Casino.

The rolling bus missed the shop, the petrol pumps and parked cars in its path. The damage it could have caused is unthinkable.

Izzy’s quick thinking saved the day and the video of the runaway bus was shown across the world.

On her home turf in Casino, Richmond Valley Council made the decision to award a Local Hero Award to Izzy at the Australia Day celebrations..

Mayor Robert Mustow asked Izzy to tell the crowd what she told an interviewer on TV about what she wanted to do when she’s older.

“Be a bus driver,” Izzy said.

In the bottom of the gift bag Mr Mustow presented to Izzy there was a toy bus to mark her heroic efforts. She laughed when she saw it.

Izzy with a friend at the Australia Day celebrations in Casino. Photos: Susanna Freymark
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