Listen to TNT while you drive with Bond and dig Rod Stewart in this quiz

AI let us use Rod but would not give us James Bond so here’s Rod Stewart and his cousins driving you mad in the quiz.

Quizmaster John James Maloney has got a few tricky ones in this week’s quiz.


1 Which Australian rock band recorded the 1975 album T.N.T.?

2 Who wrote the classic Australian novel My Brilliant Career?

3 Dirk Hartog Island is known as Wirruwana by its traditional custodians, the Malgana people; which Australian state or territory is it in?

4 Oscar Madison and Felix Ungar were characters in what Neil Simon play, movie and TV series?

5 Palen Creek Correctional Facility is in which state or territory?

6 What car brand was the first used by James Bond in books and in movies?

7 If someone uses the Australian expression charged like a wounded bull what do they mean?

8 True or false, Rod Stewart was a grave digger before becoming a pop star?

9 What is the galley on a ship?

10 Who had the hit song Shiny Happy People?

I had a brilliant career hitting people with pillows.


1 AC/DC.

2 Miles Franklin.

3 Western Australia.

4 The Odd Couple.

5 Queensland.

6 Bentley – in the books it was a 1930 Blower Bentley in Casino Royale and on the big screen he can be seen (briefly) driving a Bentley 3½ Litre in the opening of From Russia With Love. Many people consider Aston Martin to be Bond’s chariot of choice but he drove many brands.

7 A person or company charged a very high price for something.

8 Almost true – in his 2012 autobiography he said he had gone along with the tale, but the nearest he got to it was when he had measured out plots with string on a couple of Saturdays.

9 The kitchen.

10 R.E.M.

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