Little wheels will make big impact as Netty rides to Gold Coast

ABOVE: Netty on her mobility scooter. Photo: Contributed

Susanna Freymark

Netty will be wearing purple when she drives her mobility scooter out of Kyogle on her Stop it where it starts tour to the Gold Coast.

Jeanette Foy-Wilson aka Netty wants to raise awareness of domestic violence as she travels 100km.

“I’ve done a few fundraisers and I wanted to do one more hurrah before I get too old,” Netty said.

The former councillor and Kyogle resident is 67. She hasn’t been fit and well in the past, she said.

While she is nervous about the nine-day trip, she is driven to make a difference.

“Raising awareness of domestic violence is close to my heart,” Netty said.

“I have personal reasons for doing it.

“I’ve heard some horror stories from men and women. Domestic violence doesn’t discriminate – it doesn’t matter who you are.”

Her dog Molly will accompany her on the scooter.

“I’m lucky, I have a large road crew with two escort vehicles,” Netty said.

And she has Gladys.

Gladys is Netty’s alter ego and it is Gladys who will be on the tour.

“She’s more fun (than me). She’s outrageous and I like to play with her,” Netty said.

“Gladys doesn’t have a filter. She creates mayhem wherever she goes.”

The tour has been mapped. Netty as Gladys won’t be on the mobility scooter all day. Sometimes, she’ll be in the car.

“I can’t do it all on my scooter,” Netty said.

“I couldn’t do Gladys for that long. She would drive me mad.”

The Stop it where it starts tour leaves Kyogle on October 10 at 10am.

Netty is selling butterfly emblems for $3.

“The butterfly represents freedom,” Netty said.

A fundraiser for the tour has been set up with a target of $20,000.

The money goes towards a domestic violence program aimed at educating kindergarten children on how to speak up and how to have healthy relationships.

Councillor Danielle Mulholland is the patron of the tour and is organising mayors and former mayors in each council area to meet with Netty (and Gladys).

They are hoping to have the premiers of NSW and Queensland join them at the end.

“I thank my lucky stars I have Danielle. She’s a gun. She’s not stopping until it goes global,” Netty said.

There is still a lot to organise before October 10.

Summerland Scooters have helped Netty with a better mobility scooter for the tour.

“The logistics are really mammoth. It’s a big undertaking,” Netty said.

To support Netty (and Gladys), donate to the fundraiser or become a sponsor.

To find out more about sponsorship contact Danielle on 0438 931 425 or at 

Netty’s alter-ego Gladys is fired up for the mobility scooter tour. Photos: Contributed

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