Local butcher buys heavy vealers for 338c per kilo

File pic of the NRLX in Casino.

Numbers were down slightly with a yarding of 500 head at the NRLX today, Wednesday, May 22.

There was a large number of young cattle and a good penning of cows. The yarding of young cattle consisted mainly of vealers and weaner cattle with limited numbers of yearlings this week.

Quality was mixed with a large percentage of weaner cattle showing the effects of the continuing wet conditions, with some producers having no other option but to sell cattle. 

The market varied considerably with not all buyers operating and quality having a bearing on prices. 

There were however several lines of well-bred weaner steers and heifers through the sale.

Restocker weaner steers were 5c to 10c cheaper for the medium weights. The lighter steers were 30c to 40c cheaper.

Most steers sold from 268c to 386c, to average 340c, while light restocker steers were down as much as 30c to 40c depending on condition and quality selling from 240c to 380c for a average of 311c/kg. 

Light restocker weaner heifers were 30c to 40c cheaper and heavier heifers were less affected recording sales of 148c to 292c/kg.

An outstanding pen of heavy vealers was purchased by a local butcher for 338c/kg.

There were only a few pens of grown steers that sold firm topping at 278c and grown heifers reached a top price of 258c/kg. 

The cow market was 10c to 15c cheaper with 2 score medium weight selling from 170c to 193c and 3 score medium weights averaging 201c, while 4 score cows ranged from 193 to 231c/kg.

Report compiled by Doug Robson from Meat & Livestock Australia

All cattle sales are in one place here.

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