MAKE A BID: Four young men up for auction

ABOVE: Wayne Ruskin, Oscar Ballintyne, Ben Cooper and Josh Ward will offer two hours of their time for a cancer fundraiser auction in Bonalbo. Photos: Susanna Freymark

Susanna Freymark

Four men. One auction.

Make a bid and buy two hours of the young men’s time.

Wayne Ruskin, Oscar Ballintyne, Ben Cooper and Josh Ward are putting themselves – and their time and skills – up for auction to raise money for a cancer operation for Laurie Bean.

Laurie lives at Peacock Creek and he needs a tumour removed from his voice box.

It is the fourth time Laurie is facing cancer and his community is rallying around him. The operation will cost $7,970 through the private health system.

Laurie doesn’t have time to wait the 12 months to have the operation in the public health system.

The auction includes some great prizes but the offer of two hours work from each of the four men is getting a lot of local attention.

The four men all know Laurie and want to help.

Ben Cooper, 26, said he was “good at fixing stuff”. He is a qualified mechanic and good with animals, he said.

He’ll also go fishing with you if you buy him at the auction.

Oscar Ballintyne, 29, is an agronomist. He can landscape you garden and he can cook.

Josh Ward, 29, is a carpenter and general handyman. He can do aerobics or circus tricks if you buy him for two hours.

“I’m a bit of a chef too,” Josh said.

He reckons he’ll make at least $500 at the auction.

“I’m definitely worth that much,” he said.

Wayne Ruskin, 33, is a bricklayer and concreter. He can do carpentry, lawns and is a handyman.

The men know they’re in for a ribbing by putting themselves forward to be auctioned.

But it’s for a good cause.

The fundraiser auction for Laurie is on Saturday, February 19 at the Bonalbo Bowling Club at 5pm. Auction items also included tools, an electric guitar, fresh lamb and other unusual items.

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