Malcolm’s ice cream has Sunday licked

ABOVE: Malcolm Clout with his ice cream van. Photo: Contributed

Susanna Freymark

On Sunday mornings, Malcolm Clout prepares the soft serve ice cream and loads up his ice cream van with hundreds and thousands.

He and his wife Ann drive to Kyogle’s Anzac Park where the children are already racing around on their bikes and skateboards and playing on the swings.

“I come from a sideshow family,” Malcolm said.

“It’s in my blood to do things like this and it is something to do on the weekend.”

Malcolm hailed from Murwillumbah and now lives in Kyogle.

He has a merry-go-round stashed in the shed from his carnival days.

Malcolm sets up the ice cream van near the skate park.

When he serves the cones, “people’s faces light up,” he said.

“The hundreds and thousands make a mess in my van though.”

Malcolm sources his ingredients as locally as he can and is proud everything is “all Australian”.

The soft serve ice cream comes from the Lockyer Valley and the toppings are bought locally.

He plans to take Clout soft serve ice cream to Evans Head in the holidays.

“We keep out of the big towns like Casino,” he said.

Places like McDonald’s sell an ice cream cone for a dollar, but it doesn’t taste nearly as good as ours, Malcolm said.

Get your Clout soft serve every Sunday 11am–4pm at Anzac Park in Kyogle.

How many hundreds and thousands can you fit on one cone?
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