Money for new tracks for golf carts

ABOVE: Coraki Golf Club members with Richmond Valley mayor Robert Mustow, Federal MP Kevin Hogan, State MP Chris Gulaptis and Nationals candidate Richie Williamson. Photo: Contributed

The Coraki Golf Club has hit a hole in one with a $400,000 flood recovery grant jointly funded by federal and state governments.

With the money, the golf club will develop almost 3km of golf cart tracks including the repair of damaged tracks and constructing new tracks.

The material used for the new tracks will be a combination of concrete in areas around the tees, and in other areas with SIC surfaces which is a combination of polyurethane and other materials which form a hard and long-lasting surface on top of road base. 

There are also plans to erect a new front fence which was partly washed away during the 2022 floods.

For further information on the Essential Community Sport Assets Program go here.

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