Mother of two who was bashed in club toilet has died and an autopsy is in progress

WARNING: Indigenous readers are advised this story contains photos of someone who has died

Photos of Jamikka Binge-Olive.

Susanna Freymark

A mother of two has died in Casino. Her death comes five weeks after she was bashed in a toilet at Casino RSM Club.

Jamikka Binge-Olive was 28 when she was bashed on June 23 in Casino.

Candice Drew has been charged with assault and was made subject to an AVO.

On July 28, Jamikka had a seizure – not in a Coles carpark as was widely reported – but in her parents’ car after coming home from shopping.

According to her aunt, Noelene Binge-Hickling, Jamikka’s parents rushed their daughter to Casino Memorial Hospital, honking the horn as they drove there.

Jamikka died about an hour later, Aunty Noelene said. has seen the video of what happened to Jamikka in the toilets. We have decided not to publish that video. It is graphic and shocking.

Instead, as the family grieves and while an autopsy is being completed on Jamikka to determine what caused her death, we’d like to let you know about a GoFundMe campaign for Jamikka.

The campaign was organised by Aunty Noelene and aims to raise $10,000.

“I am hoping to raise money to help ease the pain of her parents who lost a daughter, her two children Leteikka and Leondre who lost a mother and her siblings who lost a sister,” Aunty Noelene said.

“Please take the time to read Jamikka’s story and learn how the system failed her in her time of need.”

Aunty Noelene wanted to remind everyone what a beautiful person Jamikka was.

“She always gave you a kiss and a cuddle,” she said. “She would do anything for anyone.”

Jamikka had never had a seizure before July 28.

Go here to donate to Jamikka’s family.

A gathering is planned in Casino on Saturday, August 19, to highlight a public inquiry into Jamikka’s death. The details are yet to be confirmed and will appear on the Justice 4 Jamikka Binge-Olive Facebook page.

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