Author offers free digital copy of murder mystery novel set in a fictional Evans Head

The author of Tombstoning by the sea. Photos: Contributed

Susanna Freymark

Author Peter Robertson is offering his latest novel for free until 7pm tonight, Sunday, February 11.

Tombstoning is set in the fictional town of Namba Heads.

“It’s a play on words for the town where I went to school, and also to show some discretion to the surf spots at Evans. Even though I grew up on the Sunshine Coast, I just love Evans Head,” Peter said.

Peter and his wife have had a house in South Evans Head for more than 20 years, and they move between Brisbane and Evans.

“After growing up in a small coastal town, I studied mathematics and physics at university before founding several successful businesses in a variety of fields. Having never held a proper job, I consider myself uniquely unemployable,” he said.

A keen sportsman, Peter found himself writing when the covid pandemic curtailed his sporting pursuits and he had “time to kill”.

“My fixation on writing novels caught me by surprise.”

Author PG Robertson

Tombstoning, the book he is offering for free today, is about a detective with a newfound love of surfing when she finds herself swept into deadly waters.

Here’s more about the story from Peter’s website:

“The detective comes to the seaside village of Namba Heads and as she delves deeper into the tightly knit coastal community, she uncovers unsettling connections. The suspicious suicide of a trawlerman raises alarming questions. The local lazy police sergeant seems incompetent, and a local councillor appears to know everything and everyone-including a troublesome local environmental activist.”

Peter lives in Brisbane and visits Evans Head often – and he keeps writing murder mysteries.

“I find it exhilarating to disappear with my characters into imagined scenes, building a maze for my readers to discover.

“My family call me the blue heeler, the dog who needs constant activity lest he drive everyone crazy. I can be like that, obsessively focussed on the task at hand.”

To get a free digital copy of Tombstoning go here or to PG Robertson’s website.

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