MUSTER DOG: Goodbye Riverside Jake, you were the best working dog ever

ABOVE: Jake, centre, stood out from the pack as one of the best dogs ever. Photos: Contributed

Susanna Freymark

Ben and Tennielle Gould of Greenridge, near Casino, have had to say goodbye to their Australian champion working dog, Jake.

“Jake was the reliable cattle dog and Ben’s righthand man in the paddock,” Tennielle said.

“Definitely a love-hate relationship between Jake and Ben in the trial yard and at times I would question who was the handler.”

Riverside Jake.

Jake was known as Mr Reliable.

“As time went on you’d let the younger ones go off and do the hard yards and hang out in the background to step in when they needed support,” Tennielle said.

“You had the best instinct of anticipating the way cattle would move maybe even before they did. Maybe even before Ben would at times.”

Riverside Jake in action.

Ben breeds working dogs.

“Jake was very natural and there wasn’t much training needed,” Ben said.

Ben sells his pups at eight weeks old for $880 each.

The couple and their two children loved Jake, their Mr Reliable working dog.

“Although today was sad for us as a family, we are so relieved to know you will no longer have any pain. You have been so amazing over the years and you will always have a special place in our hearts. We love you champ.”

Ben Gould with his son and Jake.

Riverside Jake’s credits include:

2014 Australian Open Dog of the Year

2018 Australian Open Championship Winner

NSW Maiden/Novice Dog of the Year

NSW Open Dog of the Year

Winner of over 14 Opens

Represented NSW, seven years in a row

Jake with his prizes.

See Riverside Jake in action in the ring.

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