Once a year the mayor’s up in the air, and soon we’ll see who lands the job

Councillors Tom Cooper, Kylie Thomas, Danielle Mulholland and John Burley.

Voting for the mayor and deputy mayor will happen at the next Kyogle Council meeting at 2pm on Monday, September 11.

The mayor and deputy mayor elected at that meeting will hold office until council elections are held on September 14 next year.

Current mayor Kylie Thomas and deputy mayor Tom Cooper are standing for re-election on Monday.

Former mayor Danielle Mulholland and former deputy John Burley are putting themselves forward for the vote too.

Councillors choose the mayor and deputy.

A year from now, all councillor positions will be voted on by the people.

At that election there will be a referendum to ask whether residents would like to continue with the system where councillors choose the mayor or they would prefer the mayor be voted in by residents.

Richmond Valley’s mayor is popularly elected at each local government election.

On this coming Monday at 2pm in Kyogle Council Chambers, anyone can watch the meeting and voting.

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