PHOTOS: Bruxner Hwy will be cleared of landslip in days, not weeks

ABOVE: The landslip on the Bruxner Hwy at the Mallanganee Range. Photo: Transport for NSW
Susanna Freymark

The Bruxner Highway will be open in days, not weeks, a Transport for NSW spokesman said.

More details will be available tomorrow as assessments were being made today, March 8, by Transport NSW at the landslip between Mallanganee and Mummulgum.

Kyogle Council general manager Graham Kennett said specialist crews and equipment were on site dealing with the unstable material and large amount of vegetation above the roadway.

This is the third and lower most landslip. It is just before the final sharp left hand bend at the eastern base of the range. Photo: Contributed

“This crew were now working with council crews and contractors to remove the slip material and clear the roadway,” Mr Kennett said.

“The road remains closed until such time as this work is completed.

“The detour to use is the Summerland Way via Casino and Kyogle, then Mount Lindesay Road to Woodenbong, and then Clarence Way via Bonalbo and through to the Bruxner Highway.

“There have already been too many lives lost during this disaster, and neither Transport for NSW nor Council will put more lives at risk by allowing road users to access this area when it is not safe, or by undertaking works in a manner that does not adequately protect those workers involved,” Mr Kennett said.

The effects of the rain on on the hill slopes on the eastern side of Richmond Range opposite the Bruxner Hwy. Photo: Contributed

There has been much said about the use of Bulmers Road over Hogarth Range as an alternate route to the Bruxner Highway to get around this slip area, he said.

This road has parts in Kyogle Council area, Richmond Valley Council area, and a section through the Mallanganee National Park.

“This road is not of a standard that is suitable for it to be used by heavy vehicles or high volumes of traffic,” Mr Kennett said.

The road is only suitable for use by the local traffic, and it has been signposted as such, and a reduced speed limit has been imposed to reinforce this to all road users, he said.

One lane of the Bruxner is trafficable, but there is a major risk of these two trees collapsing. Photo: Contributed

“National Parks are looking to put in place traffic lights today to control vehicle movements through the narrow section within the Mallanganee National Park.”

Mr Kennett said the promotion and use of Bulmers Rd by other than local traffic is irresponsible and has the potential to place lives in danger.

A Telstra car still remains stuck on a dangerous slope on the road and a cattle truck rolled on the slippery, dirt road.

“In the interests of public safety, all non-essential travel from one side of the Mallanganee Range to the other should be avoided, and any essential travel needs to be via the identified detour along the Summerland Way and Clarence Way despite the inconvenience that may cause.”

The alternative route suggested by Kyogle Council.

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