Plenty of surprises in expanded Jaycar range at local appliance and homeware shop

This is part of a paid promotion for BiRite Home Appliances Kyogle.

Mandy Boocock and Carolyn Bianchetti with Holly the dog at the keyboard have plenty of Christmas gift ideas to show you. Photo: Louise Roy

People can get more of the essentials of life locally now that BiRite Home Appliances has broadened its Jaycar Authorised Reseller range in Kyogle.

More Jaycar items being available locally in Kyogle is great news for locals.

It takes away the hassle of travelling outside of Kyogle in search of electrical goods, home security systems, power cables, charging cords for the home office, outdoor camping, electronic gadgets and other such items.

This will save them time and money while also providing them with a convenient shopping experience.

BiRite owner Mandy Boocock has worked in the shop for eight years and owned it for five. 

She is thrilled at the extended Jaycar range.

There really is nothing else like it in Kyogle.

Mandy knew she was on a good thing when a customer refitting an office in Kyogle had to come back to the shop three times for electrical cables and other items to complete the refit.

That customer was very grateful we had the stock, Mandy said.

Jaycar has some surprises in its range of goods.

Like the camping gear – plastic cups and glasses that feel good to hold, a picnic set, solar panels to charge batteries or run a camping fridge, portable power, outdoor speakers and more. Any of these can be a great Christmas present.

Check out the Jaycar website to see the total range including: 

• Electronic kits and modules

• Portable camping fridge/freezers

• Camping 

• Electronic & remote gadgets

• Batteries & chargers

• Power supplies

• Surveillance and alarm systems

• Walkie talkies

• HDMI cables & accessories

• Car cameras – dashcams and reversing cameras

• Networking & IT accessories

• Bluetooth audio

• Solar & lighting

• Books

• TV antennas

You can visit Kyogle BiRite Home Appliances store at 42 Summerland Way, Kyogle.

For products go to

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