Preschool children share breakfast in honour of Mon Petty

Hellan Whitney and Ron Petty with Bonalbo Preschool children and staff.

Susanna Freymark

It was fitting to serve breakfast cereal and vegemite toast to preschool children to honour Veronica ‘Mon’ Petty.

Mon loved doing the breakfast club at Bonalbo Preschool. In 2013, with her family she featured on the back of Weet-bix boxes.

The Petty family featured on the back of a Weet-bix box.

Mon died last month at the age of 83.

Her husband Ron Petty was at the breakfast – and it was his 87th birthday.

Mon’s daughter Hellan Whitney used to teach at the preschool. Ron worked in the grounds and mowed the lawns.

Bonalbo Preschool coordinator Shannon Smith was taught by Hellan when she was at preschool.

Ms Smith now teaches the 14 children at the preschool.

Mon was the eldest of eight children.

Long time friend Beverley Smith said if something was going on, Mon would be organising it.

Shannon said, “there was nothing like a hug from Mon”.

Ron said his wife was a wonderful lady.

Mon was born in Casino and she spent her preschool days at Tunglebung.

“Her father and grandfather had a mill out there,” Ron said.

“They used to cart her around in a butter box.”

Hellan Whitney with her father Ron Petty.

Ron and Mon were married for 60-odd years.

“We met at a house party,” Ron said.

Ron has 18 great grandchildren.

The preschool children enjoyed a slice of Ron’s birthday cake with him, and if Mon could been there, she would have tucked in too.

Ron Petty sits in front of a board showing Mon’s history with the CWA and Red Cross. Photos: Susanna Freymark
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