QUIZ: Are Eulo today? Would you mosey with Venus in search of osso buco?

Quizmaster John James Maloney has done it again with 10 new questions.


1 What Simon and Garfunkel album was the biggest selling album of 1970?

2 Radio Station 2GF will clock up 90 years on air in December. Which town is it based in?

3 In what state or territory is the opal mining town of Eulo?

4 On many occasions from the third Century onwards and ending in 1949, Nanking was the capital of what country?

5 What is osso buco?

6 What is the meaning of the phrase moseying about?

7 What is a Venus fly trap?

8 How long is three score year and ten?

9 Roger McGuinn, Chris Hillman, Gene Clark, David Crosby and Michael Clarke were members of which folk rock band who scored hits with Turn! Turn! Turn! and Eight Miles High?

10 What is a jib?

Make it, share it, eat it.


1 Bridge over Troubled Water.

2 Grafton.

3 Queensland.

4 China.

5 An Italian dish of braised veal.

6 Wandering around in a relaxed manner as in moseying around the local markets or moseying around a bookstore.

7 A plant that “eats” insects.

8 70 years.

9 The Byrds.

10 The triangular front sail on a yacht or sailing ship (which gave us the phrase I like the cut of your jib – because sailors could identify whether a distant ship had the same cut of jib or had the enemy’s shape of jib).

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