QUIZ: Can a dinosaur that Wiggles tell the time?

Quizmaster John James Maloney has 10 new questions for you to tackle.


1 Who sang the hit Heart of Glass?
2 What common household item is not seen in most casinos – including in Las Vegas?
3 In a bingo game what number is represented by the phrase Two Little Ducks?
4 In a website address what does WWW stand for?
5 What is the name of the Wiggles dinosaur character?
6 What is the seventh planet from the Sun?
7 Benedictine monks invented what drink (often incorrectly attributed to Dom Perignon)?
8 Who played Neo in The Matrix film?
9 How many valves do most modern trumpets have?
10 Name the mountain where the Bathurst car race is held.

These cool looking types know the quiz answers. Or they should, looking like that.

1 Blondie.
2 Clocks.
3 22.
4 World wide web.
5 Dorothy the Dinosaur.
6 Uranus.
7 Champagne.
8 Keanu Reeves.
9 Three.
10 Wahluu, Mount Panorama.

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