QUIZ: Come close, be brave and smell the cheese

Quizmaster John James Maloney has a few curveballs in this week’s quiz.


1 Rod Marsh who died in March 2022 was a great of what sport in the 1970s?

2 How many colours in a rainbow?

3 Gorgonzola cheese originated in what country?

4 What is the name of the classic World War 2 novel Joseph Heller wrote that was released in 1961?

5 What does it mean when someone is described as lily-livered?

6 In what country is the city of Astrakhan?

7 What is astrakhan – the fabric or material – made from?

8 In the periodic table of elements, what does V stand for?

9 Can you name the two pubs in Kyogle?

10 Which band had the 1984 number 1 hit, Owner of a Lonely Heart?

Where are my legs? Karakul sheep in Akron Zoo. Photo by Jean from Shelbyville, KY, via Wikipedia


1 Cricket.

2 There are seven colours in a rainbow.

3 Italy.

4 Catch-22.

5 Lacking courage, cowardly.

6 Russia.

7 Closely-curled black or grey fleece of very young karakul lambs from Astrakhan – often used to make coats and hats or to trim them.

8 Vanadium.

9 The Exchange and the Commercial.

10 Yes.

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