QUIZ: Do you know where the Royals live? Like, all of them?

Quizmaster John James Maloney has done it again with ten more quiz questions just for you.


1 In what ceremony is the Stone of Scone AKA the Stone of Destiny used?

2 Out of Mind, Out of Sight was a July 1985 number 1 hit by what Australian band?

3 Denys Shmyhal is prime minister of what European country?

4 Which member of the British royal family lives at Gatcombe Park?

5 In what UK city is Aston Villa football club based?

6  Ermes Effron Borgnino was the birth name of which Hollywood star of McHale’s Navy and Marty?

7 Yorkeys Knob is a location in what Australian state?

8 Which popular Mexican food’s name means little donkey?

9 What outdoor clothing and equipment company announced that from this week all profits go to fighting the climate crisis?

10 What won Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actress Oscars in 2021?

Where’s the nearest Mexican restaurant?


1 Coronation of the UK monarch.

2 Models.

3 Ukraine.

4 Anne, Princess Royal.

5 Aston, Birmingham.

6 Ernest Borgnine.

7 Queensland.

8 Burrito.

9 Patagonia Inc.

10 Nomadland.

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