QUIZ: Do you know your pinkle and spodumene?

Quizmaster John James Maloney has 10 tough questions this week.


1 What is pinkle or pinklewurst?

2 What village in Kyogle Shire shares its name with a native plant?

3 What is spodumene?

4 What in Australia is a bubbler?

5 Who sang the 1993 hit song No Rain?

6 Who was the housekeeper on the Brady Bunch TV series from 1969–1974?

7 What does the word Nordic refer to?

8 Which former ABC TV Play School presenter died this week, aged 87?

9 In what state is Bum Bum Creek?

10 Who was awarded the 2022 Brownlow Medal?

Yep, the sign is still there – until someone steals it.


1 Pinkel is a smoked kaszanka, a type of sausage eaten mainly in northwest Germany.

2 Grevillia is the name of many locations in Kyogle, including the village. The plant is grevillea – a slight spelling difference.

3 Spodumene is a mineral that is a major source of lithium for our batteries and more.

4 A drinking water fountain, typically in schools in NSW and some other areas.

5 American rock band Blind Melon.

6 Alice, played by Ann B. Davis.

7 Of or relating to the Nordic countries – Denmark, Norway and Sweden and sometimes Finland, Iceland and the Faeroe Islands. Also refers to cross-country skiing.

8 John Hamblin.

9 Queensland and there’s apparently a mountain bike track there.

10 Patrick Cripps of Carlton.

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