QUIZ: Flora? Wasn’t she the Roman god of margarine?

Quizmaster John James Maloney has 10 beauties for you this week.


1 What does the F.M. in FM radio stand for?

2 What was the title of the old rulers of Venice and Genoa: Doge or Chevy?

3 What type of food is the German pumpernickel?

4 According to legend, Mary Queen of Scots was the first woman to play what sport?

5 Vito Corleone is a central character in what award winning film?

6 Which 1970s band had a number 1 hit with Rivers of Babylon?

7 Rhinitis affects what area of the body?

8 Flora was the roman god of what?

9 What is the symbol representing the zodiac sign Taurus?

10 Zadoc Street and Zambelli Drive are in which Northern Rivers town?

It’s my nose and I’ll lick it if I want to.


1 Frequency modulation. 

2 Doge. 

3 Rye bread. 

4 Golf.

The Godfather

6 Boney M. 

7 The nose. 

8 Flowers.

9 The bull. 

10 Lismore.

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